Episode 3: Music for the Road (and Murder at the Museum)

When we started this podcast, we planned on publishing new episodes once per month. But we had so much fun recording and editing our first two episodes, we decided we're going to try publishing a new episode every other week! Between our trip-focused episodes, we'll record from different places around Cleveland, discussing various roadtrip and camping-related topics. 

This episode is our first attempt at that, as we record on the drive home from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Think & Drink with the Extinct. The topic of conversation: What we like to listen to when we're on the road.

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Episode 2: Escape from Put-in-Bay!

In this episode, we’re recording onboard the Miller Ferry, heading home from a shorter-than-planned camping trip to South Bass Island, Ohio. Check it out to hear all about why we love Put-in-Bay, how the weather gods didn’t smile kindly on our trip, and why we still had fun regardless! (Spoiler alert: This trip really brought home the old Lake Erie motto “Don’t Give Up the Ship!”)

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Episode 1: All Aboard Our Maiden Voyage to Flite Fest Ohio

Episode 1 is finally here! In this episode, Amanda has a head cold and Scott declares the tenth wedding anniversary the "podcast anniversary." We also discuss how we stumbled into teardrop camping, what we learned from our teardrop trailer’s maiden voyage to Flite Fest Ohio and what you can expect from future episodes (besides fewer head colds).

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