Episode 17: A Slow Stroll Off Kelleys Island


Amanda and Scott risk spending the summer solstice on an island and live to tell the tale! Did one cat change their entire schedule? Did they encounter lizards? Did Scott sneak off to eat charcuterie? Did Amanda read a book? Was their exit from this island as exciting as Episode 2? Answers to these questions and more are in this Kelleys Island episode!

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Mentioned in this episode: 

  • Where we camped: The Kelleys Island State Park is a beautiful location on Kelleys Island, surrounded by all sorts of fun things to do and staffed by friendly helpful people.

  • Where we visited: There’s a lot of stuff to do on Kelleys Island, and a few of the places we stopped at were:

    • Kelleys Island Ferry - pretty much the only way to get a car and camper to the island.

    • Unk’l Dik’s - pretty much the only place you can walk to for ice cream from the state park.

    • Island House - pretty much the only restaurant that can give Scott mustard aioli and he’ll actually eat it.

    • The Kelleys Island Wine Company - pretty much the only place to go if you want the lowdown on where to get firewood…someplace else.

    • Island Market - pretty much the only place to go if you want to assure someone you are going to read the free newspaper and definitely, definitely, are not going to burn it…seriously, we want to read it…really, yes, we bought the paper towel roll to burn.

    • Charles Herndon Galleries and Sculpture Garden - pretty much the only place you can get lost while carved eyes stare upon you.

    • Kelleys Island History Museum Resale Shop - pretty much the only place Scott can get his 1980s kitsch comedy fix.

    • The Village Pump - pretty much the only place to take your mother if you never ever want to stop hearing about how good the lobster roll hoagie is.

    • Cheesehaven (Port Clinton) - pretty much the only place to go if you want to inadvertently add 12 minutes to your podcast run time.

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