Episode 14: Preparing To Be Prepared

tow for the road episode 14 blog.png

Camping season is upon us … but before going on our first trip of the year, we have to make sure all systems are good to go. Unsurprinsingly, we got sidetracked preparing for our preparation episode. Prepare yourself for diner talk, Cedar Point meandering, and how Amanda makes sure the pair make it out alive this camping season!

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Mentioned in this episode: 

  •  Where we recorded: We had planned on recording somewhere more suitable for an episode about preparing for the new camping season, but it was also Cedar Point's opening day. So instead we recorded this from their parking lot after an afternoon wandering the Roller Coaster Capital of the World. :)
  • Delis vs Diners: Having both lived in New Jersey and Philly, we're never one to pass up a good diner. Until stumbling onto Dianna's Deli in Sandusky, we didn't know the secret Ohio terminology for what we call diners was "deli & restaurant." Whatever you prefer to call it, Dianna's hits the spot.