Episode 12: Still Alive... JoCo Cruise 2019 Recap


Is it even possible to capture the amazingness of JoCo Cruise in words? No, but we try anyway in this episode of Tow for the Road, a podcast on waves.

Recorded live aboard Holland America's ms Oosterdam on our final night at sea, Scott and Amanda are joined by special guests and fellow first time Sea Monkeys Heather and Greg. Listen in as we get up to no good while sharing our thoughts on the cruise. So much stateroom shenanigans! 

Our quick-paced conversation (and dinner) is jam packed with references to people and stuff that would take forever to fully lavish praise on here. But if you catch anyone or thing you’d like to know more about, mentioned in this episode are...

Jonathan Coulton, and the new Some Guys album

JoCo cruise, of course!

A bunch of cruise guests:

Holland America

Sunfun Gospel

El Jibarito (great restaurant in San Juan)

Señor Paleta (great ice pops in San Juan)

sugar cubes

…and a lot of swearing, so be mindful of the language in this episode if you listen with children!

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