Episode 7: Resolve to Camp More in 2019

Episode 7 Resolve to Camp More - Tow for the Road.png

It's our first episode of the new year so we're discussing our New Year's resolution to camp more! Take a listen to hear about five of the places we're excited to visit and explore in 2019. We hope they give you some ideas for your own 2019 camping and roadtrip resolutions!

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Mentioned in this episode:

  • Where we recorded: Because this episode is all about resolutions, we recorded this on Jan. 1 on our drive home from our "Holiday 2018 tour" through Virginia, Pennsylvania and the states between. While North Midway may not be our favorite service plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it does make for a fine place to record an episode.

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill: Even though we played this game two nights in a row during our trip, we couldn't think of its name while recording the episode. If you're looking for an interesting strategy game to play with your group, Betrayal at House on the Hill is a fun, challenging choice with a lot of replay value thanks to its many endgame scenarios.

  • Longwood Gardens: One of the many highlights of our holiday roadtrip was our visit to Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia. We haven't been back to this historic estate and its gardens for so many years, and the weather was just warm enough to explore the grounds while checking out their gorgeous holiday display. If you need a bit of color in your life (and who doesn’t in the middle of winter?), check out some of our photos from our Longwood Gardens visit below.