Tow for the Road: Roadtrip (Mis)Adventures with Our Teardrop Trailer

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Welcome to Tow for the Road! If you’re new to our corner of the pod-o-sphere, we invite you to kick off your hiking boots, relax in your favorite hammock, and get to know a bit about us and why we started this podcast.

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First things first:

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We're Scott and Amanda Hicken, and from the early days of our relationship, we’ve been avid roadtrippers. After surviving two days in a car driving from Cleveland to Key West for our wedding, we knew we’d survive just about anything.

On a roadtrip to the 2018 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, we attended a panel featuring some of our favorite podcasters, including Symphony Sanders, Teresa McElroy, and Travis McElroy. Travis and his brothers’ podcasts (My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone) were our gateway to podcast listening.

When the panel was asked which topic or niche they’d like to see filled by new podcasts, Travis’ response was broad yet beautiful: In a world filled with increasingly negative energy and unnecessarily critical nitpicking, what was needed most were podcasts focused on positivity and celebrating an interest or topic that makes one happy. Spreading joy — even about something super specific — is still spreading joy.

Fast forward a few months later and we took our Little Guy teardrop trailer on its maiden voyage. Those months in between had been filled with a couple of significant personal losses. But the planning, the packing, and the trailer prepping gave us something positive to focus on during a difficult time. The finished product - falling asleep surrounded by lightning bugs and stars overhead - was even better.

Inspired by our experience and the McElroys, we decided to launch the Tow for the Road podcast.

Which brings us to what this podcast is about…

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Tow for the Road is a podcast on wheels about our roadtrip misadventures and traveling with a teardrop trailer. Every other week, we record a new episode from the road, documenting our adventures as seasoned roadtrippers turned rookie campers in Ohio and beyond. Episodes include ideas on where to go camping, what our most recent roadtrip has taught us, the more-than-occasional randomness, and how to become a much better camper (and podcaster) than us. Even if you don’t think camping’s for you, give it a listen because we weren’t convinced at the beginning either!

You can read more about Tow for the Road here, or submit a question for us to answer in an upcoming episode’s Tow Us a Line segment!

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We’re excited to share this journey with you!