Tow for the Road is a podcast on wheels about traveling with a teardrop trailer.

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Husband-and-wife team Scott and Amanda Hicken call Northeast Ohio home but love any reason to hit the road. Now these seasoned roadtrippers turned rookie campers are stumbling their way through teardrop trailer life.

Tune in each month for a new episode recorded from the road documenting Amanda and Scott’s (mis)adventures. Listen as they figure out how to record a podcast from their car. Why? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Episodes will include ideas on where to go camping, what Scott and Amanda’s latest trip has taught them about camping, the occasional randomness, and how to become a much better camper (and podcaster) than them. Along with each episode, they’ll post links to their favorite tips, tools, and traveling spots in case you're inspired to try out teardrop camping too!

Have a question about traveling with a teardrop trailer or where to go camping around Ohio? “Tow Us a Line” and submit your question for an upcoming episode!

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ABOUT Your Hosts

Amanda Hicken hails from Northeast Ohio by way of Northern Virginia and Philadelphia. Prior to Tow for the Road, she ran the local interest blog Clue Into Cleveland for five years. As the director of marketing communications for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, she is honored to help serve and raise awareness for the more than 28,000 kids battling brain tumors across the country. Amanda loves traveling, board games, Halloween costume shopping, and hanging out with Scott and their cats Cupcake and Shuri. She does not love the sound of her own voice, so she’s responsible for Tow for the Road’s planning, website, social media and other online shenaningans.

Scott T. Hicken does like the sound of Amanda’s voice, which is good since someone needs to record and edit this podcast. Originally from Southern New Jersey, he moved to Cleveland for its beautiful, cave-like winters (Amanda moving here didn't hurt either). Scott writes and runs Exiern, a popular sword, sorcery, and identity webcomic drawn by Antipus. He also manages Accounts Payable at Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company. When on the road, Scott’s phone is usually tuned to My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, and The Flophouse podcasts. He likes cheese.

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